thermal conductivity tester
Thermal Expansion instrument
Chemical analyzer
Ceramic testing equipment
Ceramic tile bending strength
Engineering ( porous ) ceramic
Thermal Analysis
Glass / inorganic non-metallic
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory electric furnace
Differential thermal analysis
Casting ( high temperature ) i
Series of universal electronic

     Xiangtan xiangyi instrument limited company is state-owned xiangtan instrument apparatus factory xianglan group to change the system a set to set up, province instrument gauge in Hunan manufacturing profession association managing irector's unit.

DRH-Ⅱ coefficient of thermal conductivity tester (the hot plate method)
This instrument based on stable thermal conductive principle, one-way when sample, the two sides are in different stable...
SGW high performance ceramic flexural strength temperature instrument
Thermal expansion coefficient locator
The apparatus is used to measure temperature in the state of metal materials, ceramics, masks, fire-proof material and o...
CRM-IIRegenerative coefficient tester
SKZ-10000A Ceramics brick crack modulus measure instrument
Digital display type bending strength tester
DRL - II Thermal conductivity tester(thermal current law)
SKZ-10000A Ceramics brick crack modulus measure instrument
SKZ-10000A Ceramics brick crack modulus measure instrument The machines use hydraulic or pneumatic systems, ...

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